Proform Spacesaver 600 Review 2020

Proform used a unique folding design for the Spacesaver 600 elliptical. The minimal amount of space this machine requires is an important aspect of your Proform Spacesaver 600 review. While it takes less room than bulkier machines, it offers one of the longer stride lengths.

Below is a detailed Proform Spacesaver 600 review, including a complete list of specs, a brief overview, plus some pros and cons about the 600 elliptical. Your review will finish with some common questions and answers you may find helpful in deciding if this is the right elliptical for you.

About the Proform Spacesaver 600 Elliptical

Proform Spacesaver 600

Full Overview

  • Levels of Resistance: 16 levels of resistance with 18 pre-set workouts
  • Maximum speed: 18-inch stride
  • Minimum speed: 13-inch stride
  • Resistance increments: 12 levels of manual push-button resistance, and six pre-programmed automatic cross-training workouts
  • Product dimensions: 27.2 x 15 x 20.7 inches – (69.1 x 38.1 x 52.6 centimeters)
  • Product weight: 138 pounds – (62.6 kilograms)


Your Proform Spacesaver 600 review must mention the proven reliability of Proform fitness equipment. The Elliptical 600 uses a front drive system that is durable while providing a smooth glide. This is a sturdy machine with an extra long stride length.

For taller users, the Proform 600 has a stride length that is two inches longer than the standard stride length on most elliptical models. Proform elliptical machines use their patented Silent Magnetic Resistance technology that makes the machine run quieter than comparable models.

The flywheel uses an inertia-enhanced design for a smooth and effortless glide, which is gentle on your hips and knees. It has also an excellent bodyweight rating of up to 275 pounds. It is an excellent elliptical for beginners and intermediate exercise enthusiasts who want to target both legs and arms in the same workout session.

The Elliptical 600 has five cross-trainer programs, and four designed specifically for weight-loss. There is also a heart rate program and personal trainer workout pre-programmed.


  • The six pre-programmed cross-training workouts offer enough variety, while at the same time giving you a vigorous workout automatically.
  • Each of the pre-programmed workouts also indicates when you should add some strength training sets for a full-body workout.
  • If you want your workouts to focus on reaching the desired heart rate, you’ll find the target pacer indicator very useful for reaching and monitoring your target heart rate.
  • The variable stride lengths and the extra wide pedals are great for anyone who is trying an elliptical machine for the first time. They allow flexible stride length while you get used to the machine, plus a secure non-slip pedal.


  • The Proform Spacesaver 600 elliptical, while an excellent choice for a light to moderate use isn’t a recommended option for intense training regimens.
  • There is some question surrounding the sturdiness of this elliptical. It has a tendency to wobble and jerk during more intense workouts.

Other Important Details of the Proform Spacesaver 600 Elliptical

  • The target pacer helps maintain your workout levels, so you know exactly when to increase your intensity, plus when you need to reduce the resistance for the most effective workout.
  • Proform increased the frame warranty on many of their elliptical models, including the 600 Spacesaver.
  • There is a clear view LCD display with large numbers and letters so you can easily read your workout data.
  • Proform included a three-speed workout fan and handgrip-design heart rate monitor.
  • The pedals are oversized so you’ll feel safe and secure throughout your workout. They have a non-skid surface, so your foot will not slide back and forth or side to side.
  • There is an MP3 player music port, plus built-in stereo speakers.
  • The upper body workout handles help you build strength in your back, arms, and chest while you burn calories and exercise your lower body as well.
  • You can also safely release your hands from the movable handles to use the fixed handles. This allows you to focus specifically on your legs and torso.

Common Questions & Answers

A number of users, unfamiliar with elliptical machines, asked about the space saver feature. Their question specifically mentioned that in the Proform Spacesaver 600 review discussions they read, there wasn’t any mention of how the machine folded. So, how does the Proform Spacesaver 600 Elliptical fold up as a space saver machine?

While it isn’t as simple as some types of fitness equipment, all you need to do is remove both of the foot rods from the back wheel. You can easily lift the back section of the machine to fold it vertically, eliminating nearly 75% of the space behind the flywheel.

Does the Proform 600 Spacesaver Elliptical require batteries, or is it completely electrical?

Unlike many of the smaller, space saver designs that require batteries to operate, the Proform 600 does not need batteries to function. It plugs directly into any standard outlet. The only battery required is for the LCD display.

How is the noise level of the Proform Spacesaver 600 Elliptical?

This elliptical has a tendency to be somewhat squeaker. You can add an extra step during assembly, and lubricate the working parts and pedal mechanism with a dust-resistant type of lubricant. This helps reduce the squeaking of the pedals dramatically.


This is a detailed Proform Spacesaver 600 review that should help you decide if this machine will meet your needs. Keep in mind; it folds up to save space. Most of all, the price on this elliptical machine may prove very appealing as well. If you’ve used the Proform Spacesaver 600 Elliptical, tell us about your experience.

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