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The TreadmillProReviews.com Team

  • Ryan Brewer
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We’re a team of formerly overweight people who strives to offer as much help as possible to others who want to better their lifestyle and physical shape but don’t know where to start. And since running works all the muscles of our body depending on the style, of course, we decided to create this treadmill reviews website.

We gather the most popular and best-rated treadmills and related equipment and analyze their specs, features, durability, and overall quality to help you chose the absolute best one for your needs. We generally like to test the products ourselves either at home or at gyms, but when this isn’t possible, we thoroughly research the market to provide on-point, unbiased, accurate reviews.

If you have suggestions for equipment you want to be reviewed or simply want to give us a shout, use the details on our contact page to do so!